Welcome to Stony Brook University Libraries Digital Projects and Exhibits home page. From this site you can browse all of the digital projects and exhibits currently available online from SBU Libraries and our digital collections. Some of the collections are still in legacy platforms. These are currently being updated and moved to new repository platforms. ***Please see important information about this at the bottom of this page.***

Featured Projects and Exhibits

Stony Brook University Libraries legacy digital collection platforms are in a state of migration. While this process is underway access to our cultural heritage and institutional repository (IR) digital collections will be intermittent.

The SBU Libraries migration and repository update goal is to provide a more cohesive and streamlined experience for our patrons resulting in easier discovery and access to the Libraries' digital collections. All collections are being added to an updated repository platform where cultural heritage materials are found in the collection, “CDM Migration.” In a few months these collections will be added to their revised hierarchical structure within this digital collections site. We hope to have easy access to all of our digital collections soon.

You may notice:

URLs/handles that are for accessing specific items in our IR are now directing you to our updated repository

Intermitent loss of access to URLS in "http://digital.library.stonybrook.edu/cdm"

What you can do:

Contact digital projects librarian, Victoria Pilato, for assistance at victoria.pilato@stonybrook.edu

Our open access scholarship platform remains separate in the Academic Commons Repository found here: https://commons.library.stonybrook.edu/

This repository migration and update is not related to nor will affect the libraries’ general collections, catalog, and search box, “SEARCH,” located on the libraries’ homepage.

All questions and access issues related to this update should be directed to Digital Projects Librarian, Victoria Pilato at victoria.pilato@stonybrook.edu.

What is Changing?

Cultural Heritage Digital Collections: http://digital.library.stonybrook.edu/cdm
Is moving to
New repository platform: https://repo.library.stonybrook.edu/

A direct link to these collections in the new repository: https://repo.library.stonybrook.edu/xmlui/handle/123456789/78897

Institutional Repository: https://ir.stonybrook.edu/
Is moving to
New repository platform: https://repo.library.stonybrook.edu/

*Digital exhibits and projects on this page are not moving at this time: https://exhibits.library.stonybrook.edu/s/digital-projects/page/welcome

Original sites:

Senator Jacob K. Javits Digital Collection (Bipartisanship collecton)

Cultural Heritage & Long Island Maps And Aerials Collections (Legacy platform)

Stony Brook University Repository (Legacy IR)

Digital Collections (Special Collections & University Archives)

ARCHIVE-IT Stony Brook University Web Archive (Internet Archive)