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Videography of the life and career of Senator Jacob Javits (10:10) narrated by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; part of a video produced for the AARP Andrus Award, 1986.


Segment honoring Senator Javits begins at 10:10. Topics include: immigration policy; civil rights legislation; student loans; retirement; Lou Gehrig's…

Senate Report: 1964 Republican National Convention, Goldwater and the Republican platform, Senate News Conference: four college interns.


Film negative, 1,200 ft., Senate Recording Studio 884, 849, 833. Senate Report. Topics: Republican National Convention; Platform of the Republican…

Washington Report: Roy Wilkins, Executive Secretary, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Senate News Conference: Samuel Schaffer, Allan Emory. 1964 Senate Recording Studio 997, 923.


028:00, Film negative, 1,200 ft., Senate Recording Studio 997, 923. Available in Video 24 (end of videotape in poor quality, which is why the original…