Related Work

In addition to this Digital Collection other work has been created in response to this research. First, the data visualization group, Schema Design, LLC, took the data from this project and created a rich story telling user experience. You can find the link to this visualization site on the Welcome page of this collection.

Secondly, two lunch time conversations about the evolution of this project will be held in the fall semester of 2020 and a symposium is being held during the 2021 spring semester at the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University. This symposium's panel is made up of the curators of the project, Peg Chistoff and Jamie Sommer; interviewer and translator, Dhruti Thaker; SBU Libraries Digital Lab contributors, Victoria Pilato and Shafeek Fazaal; Schema Design founder, Christian Marc Schmidt; and Susan Hinely, professor at Stony Brook University. These panelists were interviewed by Leio Koga, a student in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric during the 2020 Spring semester.

Finally, students Leio Koga and Kunika Chahal wrote research papers focusing on this project, which were part of their independent study projects at Stony Brook University.

These interviews and research papers are found below as well as the essay describing the project in full, entitled, Mirroring Hope.

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