Mirroring Hope: Bhungroo Irrigation Technology Oral History Project

Project Curators and Team on the ground in Gujarat, India

Dr. Peggy Spitzer Christoff, Senior Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric - Project Curator

Jamie M. Sommer, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of South Florida - Project Curator

Hetshree Kangad - Translator

Dhruti Thaker - Translator

Stony Brook University Libraries Digital Project Team

Anastasia Chiu, Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

Victoria Pilato, Digital Projects Librarian

Dana Reijerkerk, Knowledge Management and Digital Asset Librarian

Chris Sauerwald, Multimedia Resource Specialist

Student Assistants

Kunika Chahal, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Castiel Ferguson, University Libraries Digital Lab

Leio Koga, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Dillon Meacham, University Libraries Digital Lab

Jonathan Perez, University Libraries Digital Lab

Andrew Persaud, University Libraries Digital Lab

Stony Brook University Libraries Administration

Shafeek Fazal, Associate Dean of Library Technology, Discovery, and Digital Initiatives

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