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Controlled Vocabularies

Subject Headings
AIATSIS Thesaurus (Aboriginal/Torres Strait Island Thesaurus)


Spatial Coverage or Place

ISO 639-3



Bhungroo: Straw or Pipe

Crop Names

Arenda: castor
Chiku: sapodilla
Gunda: fragrant manjack fruit
Jeera: cumin
Sita apple: sugar apple


The narrator or interviewee agreed their consent to be interviewed and to the stipulations presented to them before each interview via a consent form in 1 of 3 ways. This was recorded in the Rights field for each interview under the rights statement in this collection.

  1. Sign - in writing
  2. Thumb - thumbprint
  3. Oral - stated orally that they consented


Transcripts are found with each farmer interview in this collection. The transcripts are not a verbatim account of the recording, but represent, as best they can, what was captured by the interpreter of the recording. The transcript is not a summary or opinion of the recording. There are two farmer interviews that have transcripts but no recording. This is becasue the recording technology was not working at the time of the interview resulting in the interviewer writing down the answers. These answers were then interpreted and written as the transcript.

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