Kronos is the yearbook of the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. Twenty-one yearbooks were published from 1980 to 2001. A yearbook was not published in 2000.

The Kronos Digital Yearbook Collection provides online access to the complete holdings of the yearbook. For this digitization project, print copies of the yearbooks were collected from the University Archives, Health Sciences Library, and Alumni Relations. Each issue was scanned and the resulting PDFs were processed with optical character recognition (OCR) software, which enables keyword searching using the viewer located near the top of each yearbook.

Specula is the yearbook of Stony Brook University. Yearbooks were published from 1961 (1957-1961) to 2006. A yearbook was not published in 1975. All issues can be accessed online - https://ir.stonybrook.edu/xmlui/handle/11401/60328/browse


From Kronos (1997), page 1:

“A lot of folks have wondered how, or even why, the Stony Brook School of Medicine yearbook, Kronos, got its name. Most of those asked thought that it was cleverly named after Chronos, the Greek God of Time and father of Zeus. The actual explanation baffles the mind. Apparently some of the witty members of the class of 1980 thought the Health Sciences Center bore a remarkable resemblance to an evil robot in a low budget 1950's sci-fi flick. The anti-social automaton's name? You guessed it - Kronos. Here's the cover of that first yearbook, a tongue-in-cheek replica of a typical horror movie poster.

Here's a bit more folklore for you. Look at the picture below, and squint a little. Now, if you are doing this correctly, the hospital towers of our beloved University Medical Center form a "U." Now squint harder, because this one is a doozie... Look closely at the Health Sciences Center... Do you see it? Yes, it is an "H." You've passed the most difficult part. Put those two letters together to form the anagram of the University Hospital ("U.H."). Legend has it that it was designed this way to aid the helicopter pilots in finding the right hospital. Ten years later, the administration painted a big red cross on the ground so they would finally land on the correct side of the building!”

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