"Documenting COVID-19: Stony Brook University Experiences" is a digital archive project established by Stony Brook University Libraries and launched in September 2020 to collect, preserve, and publish the institutional history of Stony Brook University during this unprecedented moment in history.

The entire Stony Brook University community was invited to contribute to the archive. Participation from across all of our campuses was vital to ensure an inclusive record of the SBU experience is available for future generations of researchers. The archive is primarily formed from submissions received directly from students, faculty, staff, and alumni that document life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviews, first-hand accounts, flyers, photographs, and more will be important sources to consult in the future to study, interpret, and derive meaning from this historic time period. The collection includes content created from January 2020 to the present. Materials represented in the archive include personal narratives, photographs, journal entries, creative works, links to websites, and oral histories (coming soon).

The University Libraries established the archive to preserve the institutional history of this unprecedented event, including the: impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic at Stony Brook University and on the Stony Brook University community; the university's integral and pivotal role in the regional response to the crisis; contributions to research initiatives in global contexts, and the shift to remote learning and instruction.

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