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Oral history told by Ramilaben Arvindbhai Dantani. Ramilaben is a 26 year old female from Aritha. Bhungroo Irrigation technology is used. No education level reported.
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Bhungroo Irrigation technology used: Yes
She [Ramilaben] and her husband do labour work. They partner with rich farmers and do labour work in their farm and they get 1/5th payment (20% of total amount). She said "..we do labour work entire year and we get paid INR- 5000 or 6000 per year." When asking about agricultural problem they face she replied that they also face water related problems so they partner with the neighbouring farmer who has borewell and at the year end when dividing the amount received from crop they have to give 1/6th of payment to him too. She said the borewell water is also not sufficient which affects crops and lessen the final yield which directly affects on their payment. They lost their home in flood and were shifted in government school for shelter. In the time of flood they had loss as they faced land wash and all the crops failed because of that they didn't get any payment.


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