Lilaben Chaganbhai Parmar


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Oral history told by Lilaben Chaganbhai Parmar. Lilaben is a 35 year old female from Aritha. Bhungroo Irrigation technology is not used. No education level reported.
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Bhungroo Irrigation technology used: No
[When asked] Asking about family she said both husband and wife do labour work and her both the sons are in Ahmedabad working for some company. They have 2 loans which they have taken for education of their son but they didn't study but now they have to pay the loan anyway. Husband and wife also migrates sometimes for labour work. When asking about current agricultural activities she said they have taken water from other resources and have produce wheat. Also whatever the amount they get from wheat crop they have to pay half to the person who is providing water to them. Before they used to work for Patel farmers but now they do not hire them as they do tobacco crops and hires labours from other area. In the time of flood they were in loss as they had grown crops and due to flood and land wash the crop failed and 1 month of waterlog ruined their land.


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