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Oral history told by Lalabhai Kalubhai Thakor. Lalabhai a 32 year old male from Nani Chandur, is the husband of Premilaben Lalabhai Thakor. Bhungroo Irrigation technology is used. No education level reported.
Family relation: husband of Premilaben Lalabhai Thakor
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Bhungroo Irrigation technology used: Yes
Before Bhungroo they had to go 5 kms to get water. Before Bhungroo he [Ashokbhai] was not able to take many crops; only monsoon crop cotton. After Bhungroo he produces Cotton, Custor, cummin and grass for cattles. Before Bhungroo their annual income was 50 to 60k now their annual income is twice (INr-1,00,000/-). Before Bhungroo beneficiary used to buy grains from local shop but now after Bhungroo they get sufficient produce because of water facility so they use the grain which they produce. Though his financial situation has got better he is still on debt of 2 lakhs. The debt is not because of his agricultural activities it's because his sister's wedding. Other than agricultural activities he has planted neem, chikko plant, coconut etc. In the time of flood Bhungroo helped them and sucked all the water and recharged Bhungroo. Due to Bhungroo land got dry within a week. Beneficiary says if Bhungroo was not that the waterlogging would have longed for 1 month. Bhungroo has improved their financial situation - After Bhungroo they bought tractor, bike, renovated home and constructed sanitation facility at home.


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