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Oral history told by Ganpatbhai Karshanbhai Raval. Ganpatbhai is a 38 year old male from Aritha. Bhungroo Irrigation technology is not used. No education level reported.
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Bhungroo Irrigation technology used: No
[Shares a recording with Thakor, Shailesh Chenaji. Raval's segment is first and ends at 9:10.] When asking about his day to day activity he said that he does labour work in someone's farm. He said due to inflation and lesser income he faces lot of problem in his life also due to water problems and no water connectivity to canal he can not do any agricultural activity. When asking about fees of children he said they study in govt. school. When asking about the payment he gets from labour work is it sufficient for his family he answered that it is not sufficient and he has to take debt and run household. He owes debt of 3-4 lakh to one villager. He had paralysis before 2 years and for medication he has to take debt. He doesn't owns land and the only option of income is labour work. While asking about why he doesn't think of any other job rather than doing labour work he replied that he is only male member in his family he can not go out for work due to family's dependency on him. When asking about effect of natural calamities in his life he said due to flood and drought continuous 2 years he was not able to get any labour work and he has to go for mason work going on in village.




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